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Digital Cinema – a Curse and a Blessing ?

Digital Cinema – a Curse and a Blessing ?

Digitization is also one of the topics at the International Film Festival in Adana, the home city of the Turkish Cinema legend Yılmaz Güney.

The digital world has enabled the film industry as well as film artists huge opportunities to produce the movies faster and cheaper, a known common opinion.

It seems, the challenging point is finding new approaches for enriching the ways of movie presentations without becoming to the artistic slaves of the digital world.

Presenting a movie in a cinema hall embedded in the shopping centers is an efficient and convenient way, but it is the most boring way from artistic point.

Becoming a part of the culture for mass & fast consumption disturbs the people they consider the film still as a passion for their live.

Festivals and agents for big organizations are challenged to find the solution here for „electrifying“ the human life with better ways of presenting the movies, like the musicians are doing it. Definitely, it is a huge opportunity to think about it for movies too.

on the right: Şerif Gören (one of the leading film directors of Turkey, “Yol”), Sabahattin Çetin (Producer)
on the left: Aydın Sayman (film director), Rıza Sönmez (actor)

Adil, Sept 29th, 2019 @ Adana FF, Turkey